It attracts with magnesium

“Muszynianka” contains mineral components which are indispensable for the correct functioning of the human body.

Due to the significant content of elements such as: magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, manganese, fluorides and chlorides, our mineral water has dietary and nutritional properties.

Thanks to those properties, regular drinking of mineral water allows for the correction of irregularities resulting from mineral deficiencies and improper metabolism.

Bioelements included in our water play a special role in the human body. Because of their perfect absorbency and appropriate proportions, “Muszynianka” can be freely used as the natural supplement of missing microelements during strengthening, dietary and regenerative therapies.

The Office of the Management Board

ul. Kościuszki 58, 33-380 Krynica Zdrój


tel. +48 18 471 22 54
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tel. +48 18 471 22 54

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Contact for press

Magdalena Zawadzka-Wojtaszek Design PR
tel. +48 606 632 181

Address company

ul.Lipowa 5, 33-370 Muszyna

tel. 18 47 14 075
fax. 18 47 19 063

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